Politica de Confidentialitate

This Privacy Policy describes measures of collecting personal data for  https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ website. The site is owned and managed by SUNTIN ESTATES and collects personal data according to this Privacy Policy.

This file has the purpose to inform about what kind of personal data we collect from you, as well as where we can use your data, how we understand and protect the data, who has access to the data and how the inaccuracies in personal data can be corrected in time, according with UE Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). .

In the same picture, applying the minimize principal of the personal data, according to  GDPR, https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/, it doesn’t intentionally collect personal data from individuals/ consumers , but can collect personal data from the representatives of legal entities – clients and potential clients, considering the professional contact data.

Considering all this information to be personal data, we treat them as such according to the below details (even if they could be personal data only in certain cases)

1        About us


SUNTIN ESTATES SRL as https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ site administrator respects the privacy and security of data provided by users , including the personal data.

SUNTIN ESTATES SRL is a personal date operator according with Regulation  UE 2016/679 (GDPR), having the social headquarter in Floresti, Jud. Cluj, str. STR. SUB CETATE 10-12, registered at Oficiul Registrului
Comertului sub nr. J12/861/2010 CUI 26982820, atribut fiscal RO,
https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/, Telefon +40 747 070 200 named in this file https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/.

https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/  respects  the Romanian and European legislation in force in the protection of personal data  and collects personal data only in determinate purposes, according to the details below: 

The role of collect personal date is selling of goods and services by  https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ (with all related activities such as order processing, payment, billing, ), relationship services and marketing activities for own needs of https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/.

Your personal data are exclusively used by  https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/  for the above proposes and it cannot be sold or rented by third parties.

The legal bases for processing these data are:

  • Execution and doing preliminary steps for this contract (art. 6 (1) b GDPR) – for the data collected through the order form or the data received as a result of clients services relations
  • Legal obligation (art. 6 (1) c GDPR for billing required data
  • Legitimate interest (art. 6 (1) c GDPR and law 506/2004 art 12 (2) ) for marketing data used for current customers, site security and data used for optimization
  • Consent  (art 6 (1) a GDPR) for marketing data used for site visitors (e.g.: newsletter subscription, marketing cookies, event participation , etc. )


2        What personal data we collect and who has access to them:


https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ collects informations from its users in three ways:

  • direct from user
  • from traffic reports recorded by servers hosting our sites
  • our sites
  • through cookies

2.1       Personal data collected directly


When you access https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ or when you create an account , we can ask your first name, your last name and/or mail address, phone number, other company details for making your account.

Please remember that your account it’s showing you as a representative of a legal entity and so we recommend you to use the company email and phone number, not your personal one.

These data are kept for a three year period from the contract ending ( this is the general prescription period ) or five years for invoices (where tax binding is require).

Also , when you access assistance services we can require an email address or a phone number, also other details if it is necessary for solve the problem. We keep our right to record any communication made with assistance in order to improve our services. We will inform you before the commencement of the communication that it may be registered.

These data are kept for different periods , but no more than three years after the contract was executed, except the technical assistance for services, in which case they are kept throughout the contractual period.

This are date use , for example , for the purpose of contracting you, to establish the necessary data for the contract or billing , or the contact person and/or for resolve your complain/ request. We may also request other personal data which can constitute personal data only when it is necessary for this purpose. 

In case of not providing this data, we will be in the impossibility of honor your order or to ensure the assistance wanted.

These data are kept until the revocation of consent or until your activity shows us that you are no longer interest in our communication.

2.2       Information given automatically from server traffic report 

When you are visiting a web site, no matter what device you used, you disclose certain information about yourself , such as your IP address , time of your visit, the place you access our site, the visited pages.

https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ record this information for a limited period. https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ uses external services for traffic analysis , but without to stop at  Google Analytics or Hotjar.

This date are exclusively used by https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ for improving our site and services, but also for insurance security of our site.

Under no circumstance https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ is using the traffic data for identifying the person behind some IP address.

This data are kept for 50 months period.

2.3       Cookies and similar technology

It should be mentioned that cookies and similar technology doesn’t collect personal data(neither name or IP address), but it can use in some cases unique identifiers to trace an user for site to site.

https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ may use its own cookies when necessary for site functionality and for storage facility , tracking your preferences, including for our site optimization, personalization or for marketing.

Regarding the external services https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ place cookies (third party) or similar technologies when browsing on site https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/, their purpose is marketing, traffic analysis or  other customizations , according to the detail below:

Service name


Zopim Chat

Chat communication

Google Adwords Conversion


Google Analytics

Traffic analysis

Google Dynamic Remarketing


Google Tag Manager

Marketing / Tag Management System

Facebook Pixel


Facebook Connect

Social media

Twitter Ads


Bing Ads



Traffic analysis and improving users experience


Traffic analysis for site improvement

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

Site improvement and user experience improvement


Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. If you do not prefer this, you can either reset the browser or you can set it to announce  whenever you receive a cookie or to deny cookies. But you should know that some section of our site will not be able to be viewed normally if you set the browser to deny cookies.

Users who do not want to use cookies can use the setting from their favorite browser for deleting or blocking the cookies or using plugins to do the same thing: 

You can also use browser extension to decide in which individual way you accept or not the cookies – the most popular extensions right now are:  AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, Privacy Badger or uBlock.

These data are kept for different periods, establish by suppliers, which do not exceed 48 months since the last visit.





3        Data hosting

The personal data collected are recorded, used, stored and organized on protected servers, where the site itself is hosted, as well as on any other supports that allow such operations, in optimal security conditions, by appropriate means. For hosting properly the personal data we use European Union company’s specialized services , acting as person empowered  by https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/. You can find more details in art 7.


4        How we protect the collected data from you

https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/. Is committed to protect your personal data against loss, misuse, disclosure, modification, unavailability, unauthorized access and destruction, and take every reasonable measure for protecting the confidentiality of these data, including the use of organizational measure and appropriate techniques.

You access at the https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ services and products is protected by your account password . we recommend that you do not reveal this password to anyone. https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ will nwver ask for your account password in messages or unsolicited phones. Moreover, if it is possible, you must remember to click on the Log Out button in your account provided  by https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ online services at the end of each session. We also recommend to close the browser window at the end of you work. These advice intend to remove the unauthorized person access your confidential data when other persons has access to you device.

Keep in mind that data transmission through internet is not to be guaranteed 100% safe. It can exist numerous causes , such as, without being limited to: you insecure Wi-Fi connection, viruses or Trojan/Malware software, direct access from other people, etc. In consequence, despite our effort to protect your personal data , https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ cannot guarantee the security of transmitted data, both on communication channel and in application framework. In this way we inform you that the risk exist. 

When we receive the information transmitted by you, we guarantee that we will make every effort to ensure their security in our system, by implementing measure that prevent unauthorized persons access, improper use, modification, illegal destruction or accidental losses.

5        How we can correct the errors in the collected data

for any errors regarding the entered data, please contact us at contact@butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro

6        Your rights

According to the GDPR politics, you have the access right, rectification, deleting, and restriction of processing this data, the right to object processing and the right to the portability of the intervention data on personal data.

For the collected data by consent , you have the right to withdraw the consent at any time. 

To exercise these right, you cand sent an e-mail at contact@butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro regarding the specific right you want to exercise , as well as you identification details. We can request additional data for your identification, just to be sure that we do not give your personal data to another user.

You also have the right to file a complaint with an authority supervision or to bring an action in court.

In some situation we may not be able to search for your personal data due to the limited identifiers you provide in the request. In such cases we have no way to respond positively to your request. to execute your legal rights, unless you provide additional information that allow you to be identify. We will inform you and we will give you the opportunity to provide additional informations in such situations.

7        Who has access to your personal data

https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ can process your personal data with the help of some third companies as authorized person . these company can use only the data sent by  SUNTIN ESTATES exclusively for the purspose specified expressly by SUNTIN ESTATES and they can not be used for their own purpose. These data are sent for achieving the goals mention above:

  • Hosting services
  • Email services
  • Marketing services
  • Technical tools services, customer assistance and contact or future customers(chat, phone calls, emails, etc.)
  • Other public authorities and institutions, accountants , lawyers and other external consultants, whose activity requires the knowledge of these data or where the law forces us to do this disclosure

All the authorized persons we work are companies from Romania, the European Union or any state with adequate protection or other basis establish according to chapter V of the GDPR.

Due to confidentiality obligations, security and commercial interest protection, we prefer to publish the list with recipients categories. The list of empowered persons  with the contact details can be checked at disposition of the competent authorities according to the law.

In case of special situations https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ can reveal personal data when the law expressly provides for this, when is requested by a competent authority or when this is required for interest and rights protection of https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/

8        The data of our clients

https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/ processes data collected by our clients through the services of SUNTIN ESTATES as an empowered person.  And for those data we ensure the security of the collected data, like all the others obligations imposed by GDPR with the same standards that we used to. In this case it is necessary to have a contract between us and the clients based on art 28 of the GDPR and which you find in your client account.

9        Other provisions

The privat policy must be interpreted together with TERMS and CONDITIONS OF USE BY https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/en/politica_de_confidentialitate.php  and we obey the laws in force in Romania.

This policy has been updated today 27.05.2019.

These Policy regarding the processing of personal data is stored at the  https://butoiuldeaur-sibiu.ro/en/politica_de_confidentialitate.php